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HELLO EVERYONE! This is my first post and i cant wait to meet new people and make new friends here.
I love to talk about diverse things and situations.If you knew me personally you would already know im very silly and open-minded.

I have a heart for people (especially the homeless, hurt, unpopular, and the looked-over people.

I believe i have a big heart for those type of people because, i have been there before and i still feel that way sometime.I would someday like to start a organization for people who feel that way.

On the other-hand i cant wait to see what you guys (and ladies) love to talk about when posting.👍


Unexplainable light in the sky!

OK! I do not know where to start with this story.

A couple of months ago on a normal sunny day something strange happened.I did the basics just like i do every single morning wake up (duh!), brushed my teeth, took a hot shower etc.

I cant remember when this strange thing happened on a friday or a saturday. I have watched the discovery channel time after time, and i never have experienced the creepy things for myself.


        We have all watched the discovery channel, or just a show where they would talk about unexplained things. I believe one of the most scary mysteries would be the mystery of The Big Foot.

I dont know if the big foot is real or fake but it would be a very scary thing to run into alone (screams). 

(By the way what myths freaks you out the most?)

Ok! Now the mystery!

         i usually can exexplain things or people i have seen almost into full detail, but this was different. I was driving and coming home from a trip downtown with my wife and daughter.

The fun we had downtown was amazing, but while we were driving to our destination on a dark road we usually drive on, something strange appeared over our heads.

We both looked up and a extremely bright light lit up the night sky and it was moving fast. The light was as low as the top of a small building, but it lit up the sky.

We saw the light up close as it flew over our heads and it just vanished (gone). Until this day i cannot tell you what that was in the sky.

I was so scared when i saw the light that i hit the brakes in the car because i thought it was going to fall in front of me. This is just one of the unexplainable things i have come across in my life time.

If you have any unexplainable mysteries you have witnessed, please share in my comments.

Thanks and love you all!